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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is also known as recurrent miscarriage or habitual abortion. It is a condition when there are two or more clinical pregnancy losses/miscarriages before the pregnancies that have reached 20 weeks. Miscarriages can be diagnosed through an ultrasound. Early miscarriages can be because of genetic abnormalities in the embryo or the fetus or abnormalities in the shape of the woman’s uterus. Smoking, having alcohol or use of certain recreational drugs and untreated medical conditions can also increase the chances of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Reasons for recurrent pregnancy loss

  •  Genetic: There can be some genetic defects that can lead to miscarriages. As women age, the miscarriage risk due to these genetic abnormalities increases — from 10%-15% in women younger than 35 years old to more than 50% in women over 40 years old.
  •  Anatomic: can be because of abnormalities in the shape and size of the uterus.
  •  Lifestyle: excessive smoking and Using certain recreational drugs, such as cocaine, can also lead to miscarriage

After recurrent pregnancy loss women have 60-70% chances of successful pregnancy under the supervision of good gynaecologists and Dr Chetna Jain is the best when it comes to recurrent pregnancy loss. She has the best modern setup and advanced technology to detect early abnormalities in an embryo and provides the best treatment at an early stage to prevent miscarriages. You can consult her and get your treatment now.

Scarring, autoimmune disorder or due to heavy smoking, alcohol or Physical trauma can be a few reasons for having recurrent miscarriage.

No, recurrent pregnancy loss is not the same as infertility. It is two or more consecutive miscarriages because of unknown reasons.

Dr Chetna Jain has the best treatment modalities to manage recurrent pregnancy loss. She is a knowledgeable and expert doctor and can handle any complications with her skills and presence of mind.

First and foremost is to change your lifestyle, eat health, quit smoking and drugs and avoid stress.

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