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Physical Therapy Or Physiotherapist In Gurgaon

Physical Therapy Or Physiotherapist In Gurgaon


Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that uses evidence-based kinesiology, electrical or physical agents, and exercise protocols to facilitate the appropriate development of bodily functions.

Our physiotherapy sessions are carried out by highly qualified physiotherapists who do a thorough assessment of the patient and design an individualized treatment plan.

  •  Neurology: Traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury.
  •  General surgery: Pre and post-operative care
  •   Geriatrics: Prolonged immobilization and degenerative diseases.
  •  Obstetrics: Pre and post-partum exercises, urinary incontinence.
  •  Rheumatology: Osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis.
  •   Orthopedic trauma: Fractures, sprains, contractures.
  •  Sports: Post ACL/PCL injury rehabilitation.
  •  Pediatrics: Cerebral palsy, autism, brachial plexus injury.
  •   Vascular: Varicose veins, post-cancer surgeries, pain, and heaviness in legs
  •   Cardiopulmonary: Post COVID, COPD, following cardiac surgeries.
  • For clinical setup:

  •   Short exercises: Rs 500
  •  Long exercises: Rs 800
  •   Hot water fomentation: Rs 350
  •  Cold pack: Rs 200
  •  TENS for 20 mins: Rs 500
  •   IFT for 20 mins: Rs 500
  •  Ultrasound therapy for 7 mins: Rs 500
  •  Muscle stimulation for 20 mins: Rs 500

  • For home care:

  •  Exercises up to 30 mins Rs 800
  •  Exercises up to 45 mins Rs 1200
  •   TENS for 20 mins: Rs 800
  •   IFT for 20 mins: Rs 800
  •  Ultrasound therapy for 7 mins: Rs 800
  •   Muscle stimulation for 20 mins: Rs 800

  • Packages

  •   15 sessions (physio assessment plus 1 physiotherapy session complimentary)
  •  30 sessions (physio assessment plus 2 physiotherapy session complimentary)

Dr. Eti Gupta


Dr. Eti Gupta (PT) joins NEMA from ‘Medanta the Medicity’ hospital, where she was a consulting physiotherapist for two and a half years. She is post-graduate physiotherapy with a specialization in neurological disorders and rehabilitation, head injury rehabilitation, Parkinson’s, and vestibular disorder management. She did her bachelor’s program in physiotherapy at the famous Manipal University

With extensive experience in homecare, she has done intensive research work in stroke management at-home setup. She also has experience working with children with cerebral palsy, autism, brachial plexus injury, developmental delay, and hydrocephalus. A brilliant student & professional, she likes to read fiction novels, gardening, loves adventure trips, and commits herself to help the underprivileged sections of society.

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