Pregnancy is a physiological phenomenon. An act of intercourse leading to fertilization of an ovum from a single sperm in the fundus or body of uterus is the normalcy. But sometimes this fertilization occurs and such an ovum if it gets implanted and develops outside the normal uterine cavity, then such a pregnancy is termed as Ectopic Pregnancy. Back in 19th Century, ectopic pregnancy was considered to be a rare, but universally fatal condition. With the improvements in surgical techniques,ectopic pregnancy became curable. However, it is still considered a very serious problem with high mortality rates. Recent noninvasive diagnostic modalities are able to pick up cases even in women without having any symptoms. Hence detection of cases of Ectopic Pregnancy is very high but the treatment outcome is also very good.

Why is it dangerous?

Uterus is a highly muscular elastic cavity that can grow up to 500-1000 size of its own. Such a phenomenon is highly beneficial so as to accommodate a growing baby. But incase such an implantation occurs in other areas where the walls cannot grow to accommodate the baby, such a pregnancy is very much likely to fail because of undue stretching of the walls and might fatally rupture leading to hemorrhage and death.

Who all are at risk and what are the causes for Ectopic Pregnancy?

Recently there have been increase in the number of cases of ectopic pregnancies and studies performed have revealed some vital factors that might contribute to ectopic pregnancy. To quote a few:

  • Incidence of Ectopic in women older than 35 years is three times higher than with the age less than 35. It is mostly attributed to the age of first conception.

  • A recent study has revealed that the odds of ectopic is high in women who have had pelvic or genital organ infections, Sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sexual partners, early age of intercourse

  • All methods of contraception are effective in reducing both the number of intrauterine and extra uterine pregnancies.However, when pregnancies occur as a resultof contraceptive failure the risk of ectopic pregnancy is significantly increased.

  • Women with history of infertility gets pregnant, ectopic is likely.
  • Cigarette smoking is known to increase the chances of ectopic pregnancy.

I am Pregnant. Is my pregnancy ectopic? How do I know?

  • Mostly all patients initially start off with normal pregnancy symptoms.

  • There is light or heavy brownish discharge from the vagina soon after a missed menstrual period.

  • Abdominal pain that Is sharp shooting and severe.

  • Vaginal Bleeding

  • Signs of headache, blurring of vision, fainting can occur .

  • Abdominal disturbances such as nausea & vomiting

Female Reprodutive System

Other than uterus, the fertilized ovum can get implanted on to Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, Cervix, and Abdomen.

How will I know for sure? What are the tests I must do?

  • First, the patient is examined for the site of tenderness in the abdomen and looked for any signs of bleeding from the vagina by doing a vaginal examination.

  • Patient’s blood is tested for two hormones particularly Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Progesterone, a low level of these hormones than expected suggests ectopic pregnancy.

  • An ultrasound scanning will precisely tell the location of the implantation and is diagnostic modality for ectopic pregnancies.

How can I treat an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Medically a case of ectopic can be managed with a drug, Methotrexate which will absorb the products of conception and may leave the fallopian tube intact for future conception.

But if the diagnosis is too late and the size of ectopic is large or has ruptured, surgery will be promptly performed to repair the site of implantation. When the size of the ectopic is too large there may be a necessity to remove the structures in the genital system that might render the patient unviable for future pregnancies.

What about my future health? Can I Get pregnant again?

Most important for the management of ectopic is early detection. Early detection favors medical management which aids in completely curing the patient and also preparing them for normal pregnancy the next time. Excellent outcomes can be achieved when detected early.

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